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Young Boss

Invest in your community while creating significant cash flow

Only 6 percent of small business owners are between the ages of 20 and 30. Are you a young boss tired of having to navigate the world of entrepreneurship alone and seeking someone who can understand your unique struggles and hopes? You can find it here in Isabelle Guarino’s Young Boss.

Isabelle speaks honestly and insightfully about the kinds of issues that young bosses and entrepreneurs face every day as they set out to forge their own path. From developing trust to growing in self-knowledge, from hiring and firing to attracting the right clients, she covers the gamut in short vignettes that will leave you with takeaways you can act on immediately.

But most of all, as a young boss herself, Isabelle understands what it takes to turn youth into a strength and establish credibility in today’s business environment. With this book and her Young Boss Podcast, she is creating a network for today’s up-and-coming leaders. It is a space in which to be challenged, heard, and understood.

Living Legacy

Invest in your community while creating significant cash flow

Answers to all of your questions about what it means (and what it doesn’t) to own a Residential Assisted Living (RAL) home. You’ll learn about the industry, how to find a home, tips for staffing your home and marketing to find residents, as well as options for financing your initial investment.

You’ll receive invaluable wisdom, learning how to FIND IT, FILL IT, AND FUND IT – find the best property, fill the home with caring staff and residents with very appreciative families, and secure the funding needed to start your venture.

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