Isabelle Guarino

Young Boss

Your Youth Is Your Power

Establish your credibility, build action-oriented leadership plans, and discover how to leverage the power of your youth into success.

Only 6 percent of small business owners are between the ages of 20 and 30. Are you a young boss tired of having to navigate the world of entrepreneurship alone and seeking someone who can understand your unique struggles and hopes? You can find it here in Isabelle Guarino’s Young Boss.

Isabelle speaks honestly and insightfully about the kinds of issues that young bosses and entrepreneurs face every day as they set out to forge their own path. From developing trust to growing in self-knowledge, from hiring and firing to attracting the right clients, she covers the gamut in short vignettes that will leave you with takeaways you can act on immediately.

But most of all, as a young boss herself, Isabelle understands what it takes to turn youth into a strength and establish credibility in today’s business environment. With this book and her Young Boss Podcast, she is creating a network for today’s up-and-coming leaders. It is a space in which to be challenged, heard, and understood.

Discover the secret to young entrepreneurs weathering today's storms while growing stronger to last over the long-haul.

About Isabelle Guarino

Isabelle Guarino is the COO of Impact Housing Group. She trains and coaches entrepreneurs and investors at the Residential Assisted Living Academy. With a background in Business Marketing and Communications, from interning at Walt Disney World to working at two Fortune 500 companies, she is a true leader in business development and operations.

She is responsible for the creation and success of RAL National Convention, RAL National Association, Recovery Housing Academy, Pitch Masters Academy, and most of the Impact Housing Group’s companies.

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