What is my innate power?

Accessing the Power to Create Your Success

Every entrepreneur wants to access the necessary power to create unyielding success. Have you ever heard someone ready to take on the world say:

  • “I’m on a mission.”
  • “This is my destiny.”
  • “This is my purpose.”
  • “I’m living my best life – now.”

Well-intentioned, these statements tend to be buckets with no bottoms.

They are emotional platitudes that become epitaphs when the excitement wears away, and hard work and dedication are required to continue. 

Soon, the same people will say:

  • “It was a scam.”
  • “I’m shifting my focus.”
  • “It just wasn’t for me.”
  • “I’ve found what fits me.”

Sadly, many go through life in this insidious cycle. Why? They fail to learn how to access the power within to experience success openly. 

Inward power is an unstoppable force. If it is blocked, prohibited, or misappropriated, projects and undertakings go awry. 

The question one must pose to themself is: “What is my innate power?” 

One must cease imitating others who have come into contact with their inner power. Instead, search for your power. How? Be honest and accept what you naturally do well.  


It cannot be easy to access your power. So often, when we are children, we are taught to disregard it. Ask yourself, 

  • “What comes naturally to me?” 
  • “What can I do without any inhibition?”
  • “What gives me the greatest joy when I get the opportunity to do it?”

You will find that soul searching is not so complicated. Be honest with yourself – this is an inward conversation, not a public declaration. 

The public will learn about it later when you are flowing in your true purpose. However, right now, be honest.

In addition, some traits accompany people who have accessed their power. 

These traits are consistent regardless of the nature of their ability. Be sure to note what you see readily and what takes you a while to notice. 

What you see readily is indicative of the power within you.

  • Organized
  • Grounded
  • Capable
  • Successful
  • Confident
  • Engaging

You need not look at cable television to observe personal power. There are people in your everyday life that are entirely in tune with their power. 

They flow and go, as many say, and make a considerable contribution and difference right in their communities.  

Many pop stars, television stars, and professional athletes are incredibly gifted. 

However, the stress and impracticability of living a public life often lead to unfortunate occurrences in their personal lives – this is not indicative of inner power.  

Personal power is a consistent flow of fuel, improving performance over time. It does not erode the host but undergirds and supports the individual. Personal power sustains and leads to a happy and productive life.  

Many who conduct business in the senior living industry have found their inner power. Students of the Residential Assisted Living Academy are trained not only to be informative and compliant assisted living homeowners but also to access the power within to be the best they can be in life.  

Residential Assisted Living Academy students are not split between business life and personal life. 

Instead, they are one whole individual fully functional and accepting of themselves. They are powerful because they are honest with themselves. 

As Claudius said in Shakespeare’s famous play Hamlet, “to thine own self be true.”


People with personal power have been explored, but some common qualities are also associated with personally influential individuals. 

These individuals tend to:

  • Achieve their goals.
  • Can lead others without needing to be at the front.
  • Are happy to learn, fail and own up to mistakes.
  • Happy to hear other views and don’t feel threatened by their beliefs or convictions.
  • Communicate powerfully, not forcefully.
  • Do as they promise, even if it is at the visible detriment to them.
  • Are great listeners because they don’t need to ensure the other party knows what they think.
  • Enable others without needing any thanks or acknowledgement.
  • Get more done than most.

These traits tend to flow from personally empowered individuals. Remember, these individuals are entirely in tune with themselves. 

The fuel within is uninhibited. 

By default, others are encouraged, strengthened, and engaged by these people.  The best-assisted living homeowners are those who are personally empowered. 

The staff in their homes often comment how encouraged and engaged they are in their workplace. 

Residents enjoy residing in their homes because it feels like home. 

Peace abides in these homes because leadership is personally empowered, which empowers others. 

Residential Assisted Living Academy works extensively to help potential homeowners access personal power. 

The results of such are directly tied to the success of the residences. 

Employees and residents alike find their overall experience better when the homeowner is personally empowered.  


The benefits of accessing personal power logically flow with the traits and qualities exuded by these individuals. 

While benefits associated with personal power are innumerable, here are some of the more common ones.

  • Self-acceptance
  • Promotion
  • New career paths
  • Ability to stand up for what you believe in
  • Flying in the face of populism
  • Increase in clients
  • Learning new skills


As asserted earlier, the overarching question posed is “How does one access personal power?” 

In short, the answer is self-integrity. 

Being honest with oneself as to what comes naturally and bringing the greatest joy is just the start.  

Below, find five fundamental strategies for accessing personal power. 

After answering the overarching question with honesty, begin practicing these strategies to see you to fruition.

  1. Stop Stressing
    Stress is a new word for anxiety. Do not be anxious – this is within your ability to stop. Yes, it is. If something is out of your control, it is out of your control. It is not for you to resolve. Let it go. There is more out of your control than in it. Truthfully, stress is a sign of low confidence. It is an unwise man who thinks he controls everything. However, a wise man understands virtually nothing. Therefore, he works to influence others and, as Dale Carnegie coined it, win friends. Therefore, choose not to stress. Instead, choose to influence, collaborate, and negotiate. Work with others toward a common goal. You need not be in control or even in charge. Students of the Residential Assisted Living Academy learn this strategy early on in their training curriculum. Homeowners must know how to work through others. They must activate staff and leadership to do what is best for residents. In actuality, beyond administration, homeowners do very little to enrich the quality of life in an assisted living home. It is the staff that makes the house a natural home. So, stop stressing.
  2. Learn to Actively Listen
    The world is incredibly interconnected. It can be challenging to distinguish your genuine thoughts and ideas from the barrage of information thrust at you daily. Discern where thoughts originate and listen to yourself.  
  • Is that your thought? Did someone share that idea, and you are now adopting it?
  • Is it working for you, or are you trying to mold yourself to fit it? – This is not personal power, but its adversary – emulation.
  1. Practice Confidence
    When attuned to your thoughts, new ideas come clearly. Confidence issues dissipate when an individual owns what they say and do. Influential people own what they do and say because they have mastered listening to themselves. Therefore, daily, take time to do nothing but relax. Meditate on things that are wholesome, reputable, and uplifting. In time, and it won’t take much, your inner voice will shine with clarity, and your outer voice will exude the weight of confidence.
  2. Have Fun
    Don’t take life so seriously. You only live once. Therefore, work hard and play equally as hard. Enjoy your life. Make sure each week you take one day to do nothing but rest, relax, and enjoy life. Six days of work is enough. Having fun will prevent burnout and, more importantly, a host of health complications too.
  3. Accept Failure
    Personal power can be hard to hold onto when you face failure. So, what is the purpose behind our failures? Failure is life’s way of critiquing your progress and the nature of your work. You need failure. Failure exposes vulnerability. As an assisted living homeowner, failure exposes potential danger for residents and employees. It also helps to improve the overall quality of your home, thereby making audits successful.  

So, what do you do with failure? Be grateful and do not take it personally. If a mistake is made or a misunderstanding becomes evident, accept it. Take responsibility and work to improve. Be humble, and you will find others will come to your aid. Remember, personally influential people attract others, not repel them.  


In reality, the journey to personal power is more than the destination. 

In other words, as you apply the strategies above, the traits and qualities become more evident to others.  

This is my story, being a part of the journey my father started, and discovering my own voice and personal power now as the leader of Residential Assisted Living Academy.

As a residential assisted living homeowner, you will find that you are far more interested and engaged with your work. 

Those tasks which are not indicative of your natural abilities will be moved to someone else. 

You will be fully involved, and as such, those around you are engaged. You will find that you are generally happier, but again, it’s all about the journey.  

Personally, influential people live every day as the former. Grateful and fully engaged in their natural abilities. 

Others will follow your lead, and the breadth of your influence will broaden significantly. Be sure not to abuse the power you’ve gained, as this will do more harm than good. 


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