Spending Other People’s Money with Josh Hull

From construction inspection to investment syndication, Josh Hull is a quick learner, overachiever and a lifestyle dreamer.  Building his businesses around his passions, Josh is a millennial living on his own time and his own dime. Continue reading for a sneak peek at what has made Josh so successful and tune in for the full episode to get ALL the deets!

Nothing Comes Easy

With success comes jealousy and resentment and a whole slew of comments how ‘everything must fall into your lap’ and ‘you’re so lucky’ – which is farthest from the case for Josh. After maxing out his career and income in construction by the age of 20 in Southern California, Josh was working 60-70 hour weeks. From full-time inspecting in the daytime to syndicating his first Rental Assisted Living project at night, Hull is a firm believer that success requires hard work and dedication.

Persistence and Consistency

Two words, and an overall mentality, that Josh ascribes majority of his success to. He’s even consistent down to the type of truck and color he gets year over year. A four door Chevy Silverado in charcoal gray.. Why? Because it’s his favorite color and will always match his boat. I digress.. Josh says most people are close to what they want to achieve, they just lack the ability to get up and put in the work, everyday, regardless of circumstance. Some things just suck to do – like working full time and syndicating a seven figure deal – but look at him now.. Worth it? Probably.

The Only Obstacle is You

To continue the conversation in the aforementioned paragraph – Josh believes that he can do anything, that YOU can do anything – and that’s it’s only YOU that’s in your way. I couldn’t agree more.. Your perception is reality and your thoughts can manifest outcomes. Self-deprecating thoughts equate to poor outcomes. Positive and optimistic thoughts, alongside a can-do attitude, yeah – that’ll likely lead to more favorable outcomes. 

If you’re curious to find out how this 28 year-old is living the life of the financially independent – tune in to our episode with Josh Hull.


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This FREE guide helps you move you from teetering on the edge of idea to implementing your passion into a profitable business!