The Secret to Surviving Nashville as a Musician: Insider tips on how to make a living as an artist

In this week’s episode, we sit down with my friend Laura Walsh, a powerhouse musician who’s carving her own path in Nashville’s cutthroat music industry. From her humble beginnings to her recent successes, Laura shares valuable insights that are not only relevant to aspiring musicians but to any young entrepreneur looking to establish themselves in a competitive field.

Laura’s story is one of resilience, determination, and the pursuit of passion. As she reflects on her journey, we learn about the pivotal moments in her high school years that propelled her toward a career in music. Her experience in choir and cheerleading not only helped her overcome shyness, but also nurtured the performer within her.

Moving to Nashville was a bold step for Laura, and she didn’t shy away from sharing the realities of navigating the music industry in the music capital of America. From her initial impressions to her strategies for avoiding underselling her capabilities, Laura’s insights shed light on the business side of being a musician, as well as the ups and downs of it all.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Laura’s journey is her entrepreneurial spirit. She doesn’t just rely on her talent; she actively takes charge of the business aspect of her career. From negotiating pay structures to finding innovative marketing strategies, Laura’s approach is a testament to her tenacity and adaptability in the face of challenges.

But it’s about more than business for Laura. She also emphasizes the importance of personal growth, resilience, and staying true to one’s artistic vision. Her experiences serve as a guiding light for aspiring musicians, reminding them that success in the industry requires a delicate balance between creativity, commitment and business acumen.

We are left inspired by Laura’s journey and empowered to pursue our dreams with passion and perseverance. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe to the podcast for more captivating stories of young entrepreneurs making their mark on the world. Remember, youth is your power.


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This FREE guide helps you move you from teetering on the edge of idea to implementing your passion into a profitable business!