Molly Tennant: Shaping Her Own Path in Business and Education

In a world where traditional education paths often dictate one’s career, Molly Tennant is a refreshing reminder that there’s no one-size-fits-all route to success. Her journey from a college student studying genetics to a thriving entrepreneur and educator exemplifies the power of owning your path and embracing opportunities to learn and grow.

Molly’s initial foray into genetics may have seemed like the logical choice, but it didn’t resonate with her. Instead of conforming to societal expectations, she followed her instincts, eventually finding her way to my dad, Gene, at RALA. Today, she collaborates with Pace Morby as a Transaction Coordinator and teacher, sharing her knowledge and experiences with others.

What sets Molly apart is her commitment to continuous learning. She’s not just satisfied with her current role; she’s creating her own course, constantly exploring new business opportunities with her husband, and pushing boundaries in her search for knowledge.

When it comes to formal college education, Molly offers a balanced perspective. While she acknowledges the benefits, such as improved organizational skills and learning to collaborate with diverse groups, she also questions its relevance in today’s fast-changing world. She encourages individuals to own their ignorance, seize opportunities to grow, and firmly believes that anyone can learn anything, with or without a college degree.

Molly’s certification courses provide an alternative path to traditional education, offering practical skills and knowledge that can immediately be applied in the real world. She helps students navigate the often confusing landscape of certifications and trade schools, emphasizing the importance of accreditation, specifically in the real estate industry.

One of Molly’s core philosophies revolves around community building. She recognizes the value of creating an online environment that fosters growth and collaboration, something she and Pace Morby have successfully done. Their ability to scale businesses while maintaining a vibrant and supportive community is a testament to their strategic approach.

In the realm of scalability, Molly underscores the importance of hiring the right people and building businesses that can run themselves. Molly even offers some advice to Belle in regards to the portfolio of businesses Belle operates.

Molly’s story teaches us that success doesn’t have a predefined path. It’s about embracing opportunities, cultivating a thirst for knowledge, and building communities that support growth. Her journey is a testament to the fact that, with determination and a willingness to learn, anyone can chart their own course to success.


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