How to Lead Lead With Kindness

Annemarie Coffey is the type of person who goes from 0-100 real quick.. Literally.

From getting married the same week as her college graduation to rising through the ranks of her father’s company while welcoming her first born son, Asher, into the world – all in the span of two years, Annemarie Coffey cannot sit still.

We spoke to Annemarie, Account Manager and Swiss Army Knife of Sharper Business Solutions, about working with your family, the challenges of becoming a new mom and how there’s nice ways to say shut-up. 

Read on for a few of our main takeaways from the conversation!

Don’t Text on Sundays

Annemarie was real candid with us as she described a story of texting a team member on a Sunday, only to receive (what felt like a rude) reply that read, “It’s Sunday. I’ll text you tomorrow.” Initially rubbing her the wrong way – now, as a new mother, Annemarie has become aligned with this perspective and doesn’t answer non-emergency work texts, calls, or emails on the weekend.

Moral of the story – protect your personal time, be okay with saying ‘no’ or setting expectations.

Kindness is Powerful

Do everything with kindness – that’s how Annemarie treats her clients and leads her teams. Gone are the days of leading without empathy and without understanding. Annemarie choses to find solutions instead of reacting to problems, creating a welcoming environment where honesty and transparency are not only accepted but encouraged.

From Family Dinner to Business Meetings

Oftentimes, while attempting to get a work question answered while passing the salad to her mom at the dinner table, Annemarie is quickly reminded by the rest of her family to table the business talk and just enjoy dinner. Which she is fast to comply with considering she works with just about every person who attends family dinners. While that may sound overwhelming, and certainly can be for some, Annemarie says that working with her family is fun and makes things easier because she can trust each and every one of them. Aaaaand.. well, maybe because she also knows where to find them if things go south… 

Head to YouTube, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts to listen to this incredibly candid and raw interview with Annemarie Coffey – who might just have the coolest last name in the game.

Remember, youth is your power!


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