Unveiling the Secrets of A Teenage CEO

There’s a saying that goes, “it’s never too late to start something,” but today’s guest is the epitome of “it’s never too soon to start something.” Picture this: you’re 17 years old and contemplating dropping out of high school because you’re making such good money as an entrepreneur – all during the midst of a […]

Nurturing Responsible Mindsets in Privileged Kids

In a world that often glorifies wealth and privilege, it’s essential to remember that the path to success is not solely determined by the silver spoon one is born with. This episode explores the valuable lessons and responsibilities that come with being a child of privilege and emphasizing the importance of instilling the right mindset […]

Quiet Quitting: When Employees Check Out Without Saying Goodbye

You’ve likely heard about this week’s topic in headlines over the last few years. Maybe you have friends who have done it. Heck, maybe you’ve done it or are doing it. We’re talking about quiet quitting. Yep, when employees mindlessly disengage from their work, their company and their coworkers, when they stop actively contributing but […]

The Art of Having Difficult Conversations as a Young Boss

In our journey as young bosses, there’s a common temptation we’ll all face – the temptation to avoid difficult conversations. We procrastinate, we simmer, we stew, until the problem boils over into a colossal mess that could have been prevented. Today, we’re diving into the art of having those tough talks – with your team, […]

Molly Tennant: Shaping Her Own Path in Business and Education

In a world where traditional education paths often dictate one’s career, Molly Tennant is a refreshing reminder that there’s no one-size-fits-all route to success. Her journey from a college student studying genetics to a thriving entrepreneur and educator exemplifies the power of owning your path and embracing opportunities to learn and grow. Molly’s initial foray […]

Solo-prenuer vs. Entreprenuer

The Path to Growth: Scaling Your Business and Building a Dream Team Do you find yourself juggling countless roles within your business? Are you the owner, business development officer, sales leader, operations manager, and CFO all at once? It’s time to face the facts: wearing all these hats can be exhausting and hinder your desired […]

How To Make Money Selling Balloons

This week’s guest is many things, but one thing’s for sure and it’s that she is a bonafide go-getter. We had the opportunity to sit down with the balloon mastermind behind Events by Jamila – the all in one party planning business founded and operated by Arizona’s very own, Jamila Stewart.  In this week’s episode […]


This week, we’re diving into the power of authenticity and how it can transform your life and business. Authenticity, as Lance Secretan eloquently put it, is the alignment of head, mouth, heart, and feet – thinking, saying, feeling, and doing the same thing consistently. Here’s why embracing authenticity is essential for every young boss: Building […]

The Beauty and Challenges of Running a Family Business

In the ever changing world of business, working with family can be both a blessing and a challenge. As the leader of a family business myself, I’ve experienced firsthand the highs and lows of this unique dynamic. From sibling CFOs to in-law employees, we have it all, and while it can be chaotic, there’s beauty […]

When Sh!t Hits the Fan

This week’s episode, we dive into the realm of surviving adversity in business. Whether it’s a grueling sales quarter, a global pandemic, or disruptive technological changes, we’re here to help you weather the storm and emerge victorious! Master The Art of Not Giving a Fu%# In times of crisis, it’s vital to focus on what […]

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