Entrepreneurs: Networking Is A Must

Networking is not a novel idea. However, it takes many professionals a while to master.  Having been around RALAcademy during the early years of growth, I witnessed first hand the benefits of community within the industry and connection amongst all the different business owners. If I hadn’t known better, I could have easily believed that […]

How to Avoid the Most Common Business Plan Mistakes

Common sense should let you know if you are trying to start a business, you should not make the common business planning mistakes such as: These are just a few of the common mistakes people make when planning a business. With a written plan, you eliminate the possibility of losing your objective’s focus, which is […]

Keys to Success: Your Business Plan

In the 1980’s, drivers navigated the highways using an atlas. In the 1990’s, digital satellite images enabled us to print directions from the computer using MapQuest. By the early 2000’s, smart phones allowed users to access google maps to easily project turn-by-turn directions. Business plans are like roadmaps. You can maneuver without a directional guide, […]

Mistakes to Avoid When Making Your Pitch

Pitch, Engage, Innovate, Succeed.

The theme for this blog involves general business pitching advice and some details to address pitching for a residential assisted living business specifically. Much of the content has broad appeal, but since my experience is investing in residential assisted living, we’re going to stick to what I know. Residential assisted living owners explicitly need to […]

How to Start A Business Around Your 9 to 5 Job

Work Transformed Into Purpose

Work produces more than a product or service; it builds purpose and generates engagement – work is honorable. However, some work leaves the worker wanting more, desiring more, yearning to do or be more. Perhaps you remember the 1980s hit, “Workin’ 9 to 5,” by Dolly Parton. Her description of work was “a way to […]

How to Transition from Your 9-5 To an Entrepreneur Lifestyle

Make the Pivot, Entrepreneurship

There are several reasons why about 50 percent of new businesses fail by the fifth year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Transitioning from a traditional 9-5 job requires some well-thought-out planning. How do successful business owners cope with the adjustment to owning and operating quality senior housing when they have no familiarity with […]

Entrepreneurs: Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

Empowered to Overcome Fear

So, you’ve decided to take a leap of faith and start your very own business. Excitement floods your life. Ideas overflow and energy abounds. Then, reality sets in. Euphoria is replaced with data, dreams become processes, and ideological principles are defined by legal precedent. As a result, fear sets in. Thoughts of purpose, vision, and […]

Entrepreneurs: The Process of Motivation

Align, Ignite, Succeed.

Becoming an entrepreneur is a liberating experience. Entrepreneurship exemplifies an individual’s ability to become an independent economic force in the marketplace, especially in the assisted living industry. A variety of factors contribute to an entrepreneur’s success in achieving specific goals to thrive in business. Specific internal and external factors relative to entrepreneurs have proven over time to […]

Older Entrepreneurs: Success at Any Age

Encore Entrepreneurs

There is a winning combination in business – energy, ingenuity, and innovation. However, there is something to be said for strength and wisdom, which usually comes with age and experience. Muscles don’t just appear for bodybuilders, they must be torn, stretched, and nourished over time – this is the same with entrepreneurs, no matter the […]

Setting Goals: The Key to Entrepreneurial Success

What is the why behind your entrepreneurial dreams? Do you have a vision? Have you visualized success? Research shows that having goals makes your assisted living business robust. It would be best if you carefully created and considered plans to bring about success effectively. Assisted living homeowners that are committed to their goals are not […]

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