Millennial CFO Shares Top Strategies for Profitability

Millennial CFO Shares Top Strategies for Profitability

Do not be late to the money management party! This week, we unearth the secrets to mastering your finances from day one. I sat down with Victoria Fitzpatrick, Chief Financial Officer of RALAcademy and finance maestro. If you need to know how to responsibly manage your finances, you have to tune in! We’ll explore the […]

Intellectual Property Expert Explains Branding!

Lindsey Corbin’s journey from a Fortune 500 career to becoming a thriving entrepreneur is not just inspiring; it’s a testament to her resilience and determination. In this episode of the Young Boss podcast, I had the pleasure of diving deep into Lindsey’s story, exploring her triumphs, challenges, and the invaluable lessons she’s learned along the […]

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