Revolutionizing Healthcare with Dr. Erica Grabinski!

This week we’re diving into the heartbeat of a sector that keeps us all ticking but is currently at the epicenter of heated debates, digital disruption, and unprecedented stress – healthcare. And Dr. Erica Grabinski is here to spill the tea on what it takes to innovate and lead in an industry that’s as vital […]

​​Embracing Failure: A Stepping Stone to Success

Throughout the pulsating throes of your entrepreneurial journey, failure is not merely a possibility; it’s an inevitable station en route to success. This week’s episode emphasizes a paradigm shift, suggesting we perceive failure not as a cataclysmic end but a precious learning opportunity. Failure, intricately entwined with fear, often paralyzes potential and stifles the courage […]

Mastering the Art of Client Management: Strategies and Insights

It’s no secret that embarking on the entrepreneurial journey comes with its fair share of ups and downs, especially regarding client interactions. Throughout the course of this week’s episode, we explore the multifaceted world of managing client relationships, from handling immediate conflicts to strategically curating a healthy client base. An example that vividly illustrates the […]

Efficiency: Success’s Secret Weapon

In a world where everyone seeks to be faster, stronger, and richer, the secret sauce to achieving all your aspirations as a young boss lies in one word: Efficiency. Defined in a variety of ways, efficiency can mean a few things: achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort, working in an organized and competent manner, […]

Overcoming Shiny Penny Syndrome: Staying Focused on Success

In a world constantly teasing us with the latest and greatest, it’s easy to fall victim to what we call “Shiny Penny Syndrome.” This affliction, marked by an unrelenting quest for the next big thing, can pose a significant hurdle to success, especially for visionary entrepreneurs. In this week’s podcast, we’ll explore the pitfalls of […]

Unveiling the Secrets of A Teenage CEO

There’s a saying that goes, “it’s never too late to start something,” but today’s guest is the epitome of “it’s never too soon to start something.” Picture this: you’re 17 years old and contemplating dropping out of high school because you’re making such good money as an entrepreneur – all during the midst of a […]

Nurturing Responsible Mindsets in Privileged Kids

In a world that often glorifies wealth and privilege, it’s essential to remember that the path to success is not solely determined by the silver spoon one is born with. This episode explores the valuable lessons and responsibilities that come with being a child of privilege and emphasizing the importance of instilling the right mindset […]

Quiet Quitting: When Employees Check Out Without Saying Goodbye

You’ve likely heard about this week’s topic in headlines over the last few years. Maybe you have friends who have done it. Heck, maybe you’ve done it or are doing it. We’re talking about quiet quitting. Yep, when employees mindlessly disengage from their work, their company and their coworkers, when they stop actively contributing but […]

The Art of Having Difficult Conversations as a Young Boss

In our journey as young bosses, there’s a common temptation we’ll all face – the temptation to avoid difficult conversations. We procrastinate, we simmer, we stew, until the problem boils over into a colossal mess that could have been prevented. Today, we’re diving into the art of having those tough talks – with your team, […]

Molly Tennant: Shaping Her Own Path in Business and Education

In a world where traditional education paths often dictate one’s career, Molly Tennant is a refreshing reminder that there’s no one-size-fits-all route to success. Her journey from a college student studying genetics to a thriving entrepreneur and educator exemplifies the power of owning your path and embracing opportunities to learn and grow. Molly’s initial foray […]

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